How High Availability Hosting Can Save Your Sanity

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As a business owner, you're busy. Busy running your business. Busy with your family. There are a million things to do and a million things to worry about. It is enough to drive anyone insane especially when it is something that is seemingly out of your control and that you don't understand. Something like your website. You depend on it for your business. So how about not having to worry about your website going down? High availability hosting to the rescue.

What is high availability hosting?

High availability hosting is hosting that is continuously operational for a long period of time. This is typically implemented with some number of servers organized in a cluster running software that allows them to communicate with each other. File storage is handled by duplicating the files on two or more storage devices. Traditionally, a web server consists of a single computer with storage.

How does high availability hosting help?

Failover protection: If one disk crashes, the web server immediately switches to one of the cloned disks and keeps on serving up pages. If a server goes down, one of the other servers in the cluster will take over within minutes. This happens automatically; no human intervention is required. When hardware or software upgrades are needed, a website can be quickly migrated to another machine and the update installed without any interruption to the website.

There is more!

Scalability: High availability hosting makes up sizing and down sizing your server quick and easy. This comes in handy if there are certain times of the year that are busier than others.

Unreliable hosting is often a cause of anxiety and frustration. Do not let your hosting drive you insane. High availability hosting is headache free which gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on the rest of your business.

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